Friday, April 30, 2010

Botanical Gardens

We went to the Botanical Gardens with my aunt on Leland's birthday. The weather was gorgeous and so were the gardens. The children's garden reminded me of a very upscale version of Boxerwood Gardens in Lexington. It made me miss my days hanging out there. (if you click on the Boxerwood link, the very bottom right picture has a 3 year old Leland in it. Oh how I miss that place.)

We enjoyed a picnic and strolling around seeing the signs of spring. The girls also found many places that became their stage to sing and dance.Leland kept posing for the camera. Zebra knows the right things to say to get her to act cute for the camera.

Charly was so cute peeking from behind the blanket when she woke up from a nap.

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