Sunday, March 28, 2010


Nothing like a hole in your bumper to ruin your Spring Break. sucks. Minor accident. No one was hurt. Still sucks.


  1. Oh Darn it, Ashley! I'm so sorry! Once I backed into a building. That's right, a very quick moving, hard to dodge building! And to make it worse, it was about a week after we had put our car up for sale. I felt like an idiot and swore no one would ever find out besides Josh. Then what am I doing posting about it on your blog? I dunno, I just thought it might help you feel better? Anyway, I'm sorry. I wanna hear the story...

  2. Soo lame!! I wanna hear the story. Will your insurance (or theirs? I don't know the story..) cover it?? Your pretty new van...

  3. Dang, were you guys getting shot at or something? Guess Richmond isn't as safe as I thought...

  4. Not a bullet hole and not from Richmond. Ashley and the girls were in North Carolina for a few days.

    From the location of the damage (center of bumper) and Ashley's lack of detail, one might think that she was innocently rear ended. But one would be incorrect.

    Although I have been very supportive, I will tease her here. This is what happens when you drive backwards through a parking lot only using your mirrors because "it is hard for me to turn around and look where I am backing."

    I am just that everbody is okay and the damage was not severe.

  5. UG! I hate that! We had two accidents on our new car in one month! It was the first two in 20 yrs of marriage! I know how you're feeling!

  6. What a bummer. I absolutely hate accidents! Especially when you are involved! Sorry.

  7. It didn't completely ruin your vacation did it??! Just kind of ended things on a bad note, a really really bad note!

    I love the comment about getting shot at! We were in downtown Raleigh.

    Have you gotten an estimate on getting it fixed yet?