Sunday, March 7, 2010

Nana and Zebra

Last weekend, my mom and Aunt Barbara came to visit. We have never taken either of them to Maymont, so we thought it was about time. Leland toured the mansion with the two of them. The mansion was preparing for a week of Tea Parties, so tea sets decorated every table and party dresses were on display. Leland thought that was really neat. She also apparently helped give tour information that she remembered from a previous tour and shared with the group that she has a cousin named Afton when they were discussing the local Afton Mountains. She is so grownup sometimes and has no fear of talking in front of people she doesn't know.

We also checked out the Nature Center and Children's Farm. At the Nature Center, one of the animal caretakers was so sweet to Leland. He tried to get the river otters to 'play' with her and he brought out an otter pelt to cheer her up after falling and hurting herself. Then when he needed to feed some of the fish, he came and got her so she could watch. He had to distract the bully snapping turtle with a large piece of lettuce so he wouldn't eat the fish food.Thanks for coming to visit. We love having visitors.

Lani and Suzie – you are the only two sisters left that need a Richmond tour. So… when are you coming?


  1. ACK! I know!!! Michael and I were actually just talking about how we are going to make it happen in 2010 LAST night!

  2. Check out that blue-eyed recessive gene going on. I love it! My brown-eyed girl having two blue-eyed daughters.