Saturday, March 27, 2010

Egg Hunt + Art Fest

Our weekend in NC was packed full of activities. Along with the princess party, we had an Easter Egg hunt at my mom's church building. We also had lots of Nana reading time and playing with cousins. Leland loves the little ones. She loves making them smile and laugh.We headed to East Carolina University for a kids ArtFest that was unbelievable. I'm so glad that my mom found out that it was going on. The whole courtyard was full of different art tables - musical instruments for the kids to try, face painting, a TON of different unique crafts to make (welding, bottle cap necklaces, clay pottery, and much more). They had live music playing and a bounce house. All the kids had such a blast and best of all it was free.For the face painting, Leland chose a butterfly on her cheek and Lucy chose to be a blue dog. My girls favorite thing we did was trying the instruments - Lucy did really well on the violin and Leland liked the clarinet the best.

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  1. These videos made me so bummed that we cannot afford music lessons right now. For now, I just need to do better at teaching them early piano.