Saturday, March 20, 2010

Irish Festival + Flying Kites

Last weekend we headed to Church Hill for the Irish Festival. We enjoyed watching kids' Irish dancing, pipes and drums, a harp concert, checked out lots of craft booths, and did some dancing of our own.We love going out with the girls and taking them to fun activities. I had Charly in the baby wrap and Lucy on a leash - we had a woman walking past say, "Wow! You're brave out here with three kids. Way to go!" It was crowded, but fun. We came and left at great times. By the time we left, it was shoulder to shoulder people, most of them holding open cups of beer that I was sure was going to spill on one the girls' heads as we pushed our way through the people. Luckily we made it out without a beer shower.
A little Irish jig, to not-so-Irish music.

After we left the festival we went to the top of Church Hill by Chimborazo Park. It was a nice view, although it will be prettier once all those winter brown trees are green again. It was a windy day and Chuck mentioned it would be good for flying a kite. We happened to have a kite in the trunk. The girls loved it.Leland was a little nervous letting out the kite too high. At one point Lucy lost grip of the handle and Leland had to chase down the kite. It stayed in the air and she was able to grab the handle. Both girls were so funny trying to "catch" the kite as the wind died. Charly, as always, chilled in the stroller gnawing on her big toe. It was such a fun family Saturday.


  1. So fun! I love reading your blog and seeing your girls growing. My favorite is either the kite pics or Charlie trying to eat her foot!

  2. Ashley!! You guys are always doing such fun stuff! You're just like we are (before I ruined my knee, that is!). We need to go out with you all sometime. Maybe Belle Isle?

  3. How does one "happen" to have a kite in the trunk?....You're inspiring!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE that you "happened" to have a kite in the car. Who just does that? Coolest family ever!!!
    And... btw... I have been using my "green" shopping bags non-stop! Ashley woo-hoo you are my inspiration!

  5. looks like tons of fun! you need to let us know about these things before they happen! I guess I'm just not as good at researching the things to do in the area.