Monday, March 15, 2010

Growing Up

We keep teasing Leland that she just needs to stop growing. I'm amazed by her maturity in some (not all) situations. She has been reading for a while now and can pick up most kids books and start reading, if she is in the mood. The other morning, I came into the room and she was "reading" to Charly. That's an interesting choice to be reading to your baby sister.
Leland helped me make an assortment of flower hair clips for a friend's birthday party that she went to this weekend. The party was at Inflation Nation which has all sorts of bounce houses. She had a blast. Leland is on this eating salad kick. She also requires that her salad be in a mommy and daddy bowl and eaten with a big fork.

While Charly and I took Leland to the birthday party, Chuck and Lucy went for a daddy-daughter date to Chuck-E-Cheese and for ice cream. In other news, Lucy went all day in underwear today with no accidents. She wakes up dry most mornings, so she went to sleep in underwear too. Could be a choice I'll regret. Just a shout out to my awesome sisters (and bro-in-law) who get phone calls from Lucy throughout the day about going poop or pee in the potty and they get really excited for her. I wish they could see her beaming eyes when they talk about how proud they are of her.

The clincher for getting her to go potty - not candy, but computer time. Her site of choice here.


  1. That's so cute about her calling your siblings! Is it just me or does Chuck look like he's lost weight?

  2. So cute! Jace is still absolutely not interested in the potty, but props to Lucy! Way to go big girl!

    PS...thanks for the heads up on the website! So So cute! Jace is going to love it!