Wednesday, July 22, 2009

County Fair

Last weekend was the County Fair. Chuck and the girls watched the tractor pull, while I fed Charly. I'm glad I wasn't out there with them, because those tractors were so loud. A nice man gave Chuck a pack of earplugs but the girls refused to stick them in their ears. Check out that gorgeous view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

We then all headed over to watch some of the juvenile horse competitions. Leland really enjoyed watching the horses much more than we anticipated. We enjoyed a picnic lunch while picking out our favorite horses and riders and watching them go around the ring.

Lucy loved getting to see and even pet some of the barn animals. We saw goats, sheep, chickens, roosters, peacocks, turkeys, cows, and mini ponies. Lucy's favorite was the baby calf that we got to pet. Leland's favorite were the peacocks.

Leland got to participate in the kids tractor pedal pull again this year. She didn't go very far (only about 10 of the 40 feet) and seemed a bit nervous with all the people watching her, but she did okay. She came in 5th place in her class. She won a little toy tractor that she loves. You had to be 3 years old to participate, so Lucy didn't do it, but she did well cheering her sister on.

Leland's memory is crazy - the second she saw those mini tractors, she started talking about last time she did it which was a year ago.

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  1. Amazing Memory...that must come from Chuck :-) Looks like a fun outing.