Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pics of Charlotte

Our good friend Abbie took some pictures of Charlotte when she was just one day old in the hospital meeting her big sisters and also when she was one week old. She has a photography business, but is moving to Nashville, TN in a week. Check out her website and blog here.

I had so many favorites. but here are a few of them.

I love her long crazy toes - she got them from me.This fist by the face pose is her signature look. It's even the pose she was in for her last ultrasound pic at 36 weeks. The picture below captures Charly the best - eyes open and content as can be. I LOVE this picture of Chuck holding her. He is such a wonderful father to little girls. I feel so blessed to have him in all of our lives. I also love that this picture is in our yard in my favorite place to sit and look at our gorgeous view of the mountains.


  1. Wow, great pics! Charly is so sweet as well as Lucy and Leland.