Thursday, July 2, 2009

Charlotte's birth day

Without further delay, here are some pictures from Charlotte's birthday.

It was "a beautiful Virginia day" (as Chuck always says), with the sun rise lighting up the Blue Ridge Mountains (as seen from our hospital).

Ashley entering the hospital

Ashley and Charly pose for their first mother-daughter photo

First picture with Dad

Big sisters!

Charly after a good bath

Baby Charly sleeping

Mom and Charly resting at the end of a long day


  1. Oh I'm crying!! I love her already!! Can't wait to see you guys today!

  2. Beautiful baby girl! Ashley, you look wonderful in the mother-daughter shot!

  3. She is precious! Congrats again- I'm so happy for you guys!

  4. Congrats guys! You're cute baby shares my birthday. What lucky girls we are! Glad you're doing well and Ashley looks amazing!

  5. So sweet! And I absolutely love the name you picked for her, she's just perfect. Congrats to everyone!

  6. congrats! She is so precious!

  7. congrats, Chuck! (hope I'm logged in as me not Kevin)

  8. I love these pictures of the new baby! I especially like the one with Ashley and Charly sleeping (the last one).

  9. I'M DYING. Seriously. She's soooo cute. I'm so sad that I can't see her in person. Ash - we (okay, I) need more details about your labor. Who was your doctor and did everything go great?