Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July Festivities

Every 4th of July in Lexington there is a hot air balloon rally on VMI parade grounds. For 2 days, hot air balloons go out twice a day. The girls loved watching them lift off the ground and float through the sky. We went for about an hour or two on July 3rd and on the 4th to watch the balloons take off.

We also played in the 2 bounce houses, an obstacle course bounce, and a huge slide that were set up up for the kids. The girls loved all of them. Lucy's favorite was the bounce house with the Nemo characters on the side.

Lucy amazed us all by climbing through the obstacle course all by herself, including the 8 foot rock climbing wall-style ladder to get to the final slide. She is such a strong little girl. They just went on all of them over and over again. You had to buy tickets for the kids to play. Once it started raining a little bit, the boys taking tickets just let our girls go again and again.

About a half hour before the fireworks were scheduled to start, we finally pulled the girls away from the bounce houses. Lucy got kicked in the face by a little boy so that was it for her.

We started out waiting under our umbrellas for the firweorks to start, but then we got smart and headed for the car. We found a parking spot with a perfect view of the fireworks and watched from there. We enjoyed the show out of the rain and even turned on some patriotic music to listen to. It was perfect. This firework in the picture was the biggest one we have ever seen, ever. Chuck was able to capture it on film, but this is not even at it's largest state.

Nana was a trooper hanging out in the rain next to the stroller while Chuck and I played with the girls by the bounce houses. Thanks Nana.

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  1. I wasn't just "next to the stroller." I was bonding with "Baby Charly!" What a treat! Those fireworks were the biggest and brightest I have ever seen. The big girls were fearless on the bounce houses. It was fun to watch.