Friday, March 6, 2009

Leland in surgery today

Leland is in surgery this morning to fix her reflux issue (previous blog post; previous post on VCUG test; more info on V-reflux). Everything went smoothly this morning and Leland was very cute about going in. The nurses and anesthesiologists were very nice and good with kids.

For me, the biggest relief was when the doctor walked into the room wearing jeans and a polo and carrying his shoulder bag so that it was clear that he had just come from home. I hear so many things about long shifts and sleep deprivation of doctors, that I was happy to see that he had come from home.

They gave her a sedative that made her very loopy and silly. Later, I went back with her to hold her hand while she was put under anesthesia.

UVA Children's Hospital offers a cool free feature where y'all can send Leland an E-card through their website and they will deliver it to her room. Enter her name as Leland Gates and our hometown as Lexington, VA - don't worry about her room number as we don't know it yet and it is only optional.


  1. Ashley-- this is Kristina from back in the Colfax days. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the information you've posted about Leland and her reflux issues. My youngest is being tested for the same thing next week. I have felt less stress because of the things I have found out from your experience with it. Thank you! I hope Leland's recovery is quick.

  2. I so out of touch with you guys! I'm so glad that Leland's surgery went well. That would be such a hard thing as parents to go through. I hope the recovery goes smoothly for all of you! Congrats too and the baby coming! I had no idea! I should really check blogs more often!!

  3. I'm so glad to hear things are going well. I have been thinking of you guys all morning. Please let us know if we can do anything! I told Ashley awhile back that we would bring dinner and would still love to, so let me know if we can do that maybe tomorrow night?

  4. Ash,

    I tried to leave Leland a card and when I read the "rules" of delivering, it read that they only deliver Monday-Friday 8am-5pm... And it's now after 7:30 pm on a Saturday and so I'm think she won't get it. But it said something like this:


    We heard you were a big girl going into surgery today and we're so proud of you! Hopefully you'll get to feeling better soon! We're thinking of you.

    Abbie, Scott and Ella