Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bring it on!

Having the countdowns on the side of our blog have been fun watch as the days tick away, but it's a little overwhelming some days. Here's our life in numbers right now:

6 days till our first camping/fishing weekend of the season. Hopefully several more to come.
20 days left of law school classes, then 14 days of studying/exams
33 days till my 30th birthday
41 days till Law School Graduation - Hooray! Way to go Chuck!
43 days till 10 days of DISNEYWORLD and more Florida fun
99 days (hopefully a little less) till our baby is born (even though Leland gives me a wonderful reminder almost every day that the baby will be here very soon because I'm so HUGE!)
122 days till the Bar Exam
??? days till we have to move away from Lexington. It will be a very sad day for me whenever it comes. Hopefully later, than sooner.


  1. Can you believe our husbands are finally almost done? Remember that first time we met at that Festival in the circle? That was just the beginning of these crazy 3 years. That is so exciting you guys are going to Florida.

  2. i may have missed this, but do you guys know where you're going to end up after law school?