Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Flower Child

While Leland, Chuck and I were hanging out at the hospital, Lucy got to hang out with my Aunt Barbara and Uncle Rick. She had such a great time and I know they did too.

This tie-dyed t-shirt was my cousin's shirt and it looks adorable on my little girl. It totally describes my aunt and uncle and I love that they had her wear that shirt during her visit. I am so grateful that we had family close by to help take care of our girl. I knew that she was in wonderful hands and I could focus on taking care of Leland.

Lucy loved picking the flowers that just bloomed in this warm weather. Her favorite toys were the toy power drill and the rocking chair just her size.

Note: Pictures were added to the previous posts of Leland's hospital visit below.

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  1. Love the hippie shirt! Did Barbara show you Adam's other hippie shirt? It is pretty cute too.