Monday, March 23, 2009

cannons, swings, & ducks

We had a fun weekend with my friend Kristen. She came down from Baltimore for a few days while Chuck was in Florida for his last ABA meeting. We were so lucky to enjoy some beautiful weather.
I forgot to take any pictures while at Lee Chapel and the Colonnade, but the girls loved walking up to Lee Chapel right as the bell tower started to ring. Leland loves listening for the bells. We then walked over to VMI. It was spring break for VMI, so it was very empty and quiet.

Leland, of course, needed to have a picture of her on the cannon. Once she was up there she got very nervous, but I was able to get a picture.

We also strolled through Boxerwood Gardens. We found our favorite hidden spot of swings and hammocks. We heard lots of frogs and can't wait to go back in the next few weeks when all the trees start to bloom.

If you notice Lucy's jacket, I added the flower to it. I bought a few solid colored jackets at Target for $2. They were boyish colors so I added flowers to the corners to make them a little more feminine.

We spent part of the day on Saturday in Staunton at Gypsy Hill Park feeding the ducks. I forget that it is still kind of winter, so there were not many ducks there yet. Last time we went I took a box of Rice Krispies and the ducks went nuts eating them, this time we just fed them the food from the machines and they were not as impressed. The girls still enjoyed themselves.
Leland wanted to say "cheese" for her picture and jump at the same time. I was able to catch her mid-air. She's a riot.

We enjoyed a yummy lunch at the Depot Grille next to the train station. The girls loved eyeing the "choo-choos" during their meal. Thanks Kiki for coming to visit us!

I just have to say I am so lucky to be Leland and Lucy's mother. I have enjoyed being a mom more than I ever imagined. It is such a joy to watch my girls grow and learn everyday. I love watching them as sisters play and laugh with one another. They love each other so much. Even though sometimes my husband needs to remind me of how lucky I am to stay at home, I do know that I am lucky. Even on those hard days, I try to find joy in something that we were able to do together. I wouldn't trade it for anything.


  1. The flower on the jacket is very cute. And that photo of Leland jumping is hilarious!

  2. Ash, Your expressions of gratitude for motherhood caused me to tear-up. You are doing a great job! Love, Mom

  3. Ashley whoo hoo! I loved the picture of Leland jumping for Joy! (Leland Joy... so cutie!)

    It is fun fun fun to hear about your days.
    Love you,
    I am so impressed with the darling jacket! So cute!

  4. How is Kristen doing? She looks great! It looks like you had a great time. I think you need to have a boy, there is just nothing like it. I would still like to have another one, and hopefully it would be a girl, and I'm sure there's nothing like that either. I can't wait to see whether you have a boy or girl!

  5. Ashley - it's so good to see you on here!! You have a beautiful family and you look fantastic!! And congrats on the next one!