Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My not -so-baby, baby girl!

I feel like I should write a little about my little Lucy, who is not so little anymore. She is growing up so quick. She is starting to talk more and more and has quite a personality. This is her latest favorite spot to sit and chill. It gets even better if her sister pulls her around for a ride.

She is an eater! Sometimes I think she is a bottomless pit. She will eat a full meal, then play for a minute or two then go to the pantry for more food. She will grab what ever is in her reach. Usually it's something practical like, graham crackers or a fruit leather. One day she drug out a big bag of potatoes.

We were doing the chocolate advent calendars. You know the ones with the waxy, not so yummy chocolate for each day until Christmas. One afternoon I come into the front room and Lucy had scooted the chair over so that after she climbed up on it she could reach the calendars. She had about 5 chocolates and a gum drop from Leland's gingerbread house stuffed into her mouth.

Here is Lucy getting excited about Rudolph. Notice her "ho ho ho" near the end.

She loves to dance. Her favorite is to spin in circles till she is dizzy. When she wants something from you she will grab your finger and pull as hard as she can until you follow her.

Her favorite words - mom (not mommy), daddy, bye, baby, help, pee-you, and cracker (which I need to get on video cause it's hilarious to her her say). She has started to say some of her friends names, but we still can't get her to say Leland. Her friends are Ty, Anna, and Jace, so those are easier to say I guess.

She is a very happy girl and has an infectious smile. She loves playing with her sister and her friends. She loves looking at books and being read to. She likes to run everywhere. Especially when you are trying to change her diaper or her clothes.


  1. She is so big!!! It makes me so sad that we don't live closer to see these 2 kids grow up!

  2. I feel the same. I only know Lucy as a newborn. Darn cute kid!