Saturday, December 6, 2008

Good Deal

Chuck bought Leland Sleeping Beauty on DVD back in October, the day it came out of the Disney vault. He had me look up different stores prices to find the best deal. The cheapest was Best Buy for $14.99. Since then, I have found 2 rebate deals for the movie on the bread we always eat and some apple juice. The rebates total $9, now our brand new DVD only cost us $5.99. It makes getting Leland's favorite princess movie as a Christmas gift for her this year even sweeter. I love a good deal!

My husband wants a Garmin for Christmas (he wanted one last year too, but didn't get it). He gets giddy everytime one of these commercials come on. Maybe if I can find one for $5.99, I'll get him one.

One for a man
in a little van,
get there with ease,
hair in the breeze.

One for commuter
on motor scooter,
rolls down a hill,
bugs in her gril.

One for the sport,
where are the shorts,
ah, very tight,
made for a bike.

One for a nun,
out for a run,
wrist keeps a log,
what she has jogged.

One for a viking
out for some hiking
find the village,
he will pillage.

Find what you want
find what you wish
there's even one
to find the fish.

Give a give a give a give a Garmin
Find something fun for everyone
Garmin dot com Garmin dot com

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  1. Okay, that is hilarious!!! very, Very funny.
    Ashley, I love your posts.
    Whoo hoo!