Friday, December 12, 2008

Deck the Halls!

I've put up a few decorations this week for Christmas. I've really been focusing on our church Christmas party that I am in charge of (which is tonight) and Chuck has been focused on school, so we haven't put up our tree yet. We do have one, but it's been sitting in our garage all week. After tonight I think the excitement will set in, instead of just being concerned about this party.

In an effort to spend no money to decorate for the church Christmas party, we went and cut some little pine trees down to use the greenery as centerpieces. A lady in our ward said that she would take us up to a field by a local college where they are clearing land for their new athletics stuff. Chuck and I went in the rain and cut a few trees. We were covered in mud and kept getting caught in the thorns, but we got a FREE Christmas tree for ourselves that Chuck cut down, along with what I needed for the party. I will post more pictures when we actually decorate the tree.

I absolutely LOVE my nativity. My mother has been giving me pieces for the past few years and now I have a complete set. It is Willow Tree and very simple. My absolute favorite thing about it is that Mary is holding baby Jesus. Most nativities Jesus is in a manger. There is just something very sweet about Mary holding and looking at her son. I love it! (Thanks Mom)

A few years ago in an after- Christmas sale I got some picture frame stocking hangers. Well for the last few years, they have had the Target symbol in there instead of a cute picture. The idea of changing it to a recent picture every year, just isn't my style. Plus I could never find the right picture. This year I had an idea to just put our initials in the frame. I stitched with red thread onto white paper and it turned out so cute. Leland enjoyed helping me stitch the letters too. (Since the picture I have added some of that fresh cut greenery around the frames).

Leland made a ginger bread house at a Primary activity at church. She did a pretty good job.

I tried to help Lucy make one, but she just kept pulling the candy off of it to eat. I finally determined it was a lost cause.


  1. That's a cute nativity set. My sister (Allison) absolutely loves the Willow Tree figures and collects some of them.

  2. I am sure your party was fabulous! It sounds like you do an amazing job with your calling. The initials in the stocking holders are such a great idea! Since I don't have a creative bone in my body, I am so glad that you (and others) do so I can "borrow" your ideas! Have fun decorating for Christmas!

  3. The party was great! Thanks for all the hard work you put into it. I'm certain it can be stressful. I'm glad I'm not on the activities committee because I would be too bossy and a stress case. :)

  4. I love that you did initials. It is really cute and WAY easier than having to change a picture every year. That would get old fast! I hope the party went well. We were sad to miss it!