Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Christmas at Home

This is mine and Chuck's 6th year celebrating Christmas together and this is the 1st year that we celebrated at our own home! It was great! We loved getting things ready for the kids the night before and it was fun for our little family to celebrate in the morning.

Leland was dead set on getting a hula hoop this year. She was so excited when she saw a "hula hoop shaped" present under the tree. She later confessed that she saw it while going to the bathroom before they were allowed to come out front. She was so excited about it even though she can't keep it going for more than a half a second.

We decided this year that Lucy should get her own baby doll, but I really didn't want to add to the collection that we already have. So I got the idea to have Leland choose one of her baby dolls to wrap up and give to her sister. Leland was very excited about it and of course, Lucy didn't seem to mind that it wasn't brand new and loves her "new" baby just the same.

Left - The girls dancing to Sleeping Beauty songs.
Right - This is how Leland usually hugs Lucy. Poor Lucy usually comes away from a hug with a bright red face and red marks on her neck. What a tough girl!

I was lucky enough to open a big surprise of a present - a video camera. Chuck and I have wanted one for a long time and Chuck found a great deal on Black Friday. He had gone shopping by himself, so I had NO IDEA that he had gotten it. Once I get it all figured out we will be posting more videos.

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  1. So fun! How cute are they! Cute lucy with her baby doll! Miss you guys so much! That is so fun about your video camera!!!!!