Sunday, August 10, 2008

Queen Adventures

Chuck headed to NYC earlier in the week for a few days for the ABA national convention. After I dropped him off at the airport I headed down to NC to visit family.

For the first few days I stayed with my sister Suzanne. It was so fun to watch her daughter Emily (22mos) and my girls play. They are so hilarious chasing each other through out the house, playing peek-a-boo, and just playing. It's fun to watch cousins who haven't seen each other in a while just go right back to constant friends like they see each other every day.

We decided to test and see if we could fit all 3 carseats in the back of her car. They barely fit and it was so nice to not have to take 2 cars everywhere. The first few times we drove with all 3 girls in the back, Leland would start to yell the same phrase over and over. My sister and I could not figure out what she was saying. It sounded like "Queen of Bitches." I obviously was concerned because everytime she would yell it she would laugh and flail her arms around and kick her legs. She thought it was the most exciting thing to yell. My sister and I were trying not to show her how hilarious it was because I thought she knew she was saying something inappropriate.

Finally we figured out she was saying Queen Adventures. I guess something about all 3 girls being so snug in car was adventurous to Leland.

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