Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hotel del McBride

After Chuck returned from NYC we visited his sister in Cary, NC. Her neighborhood was like a little resort. They have an awesome pool with a kids area that you usually see at a water park. I think Chuck had just as much if not more fun than the kids did. He is such a big kid at heart.

There were slides and lots of places to shoot and pour water on yourself and others.

Tara who has a broken leg was such a trooper. She floated around the pool wrapped in plastic, taped up, and with floaties on her leg. What a cutie.

My sister Suzanne and Emily met us for the morning to swim. Emily is such a doll and as my sister says is a total diva.

In the clubhouse area there was an activity center for kids. They had a few kitchens, lots of doll houses, and other toys. Just outside the activity center was the playground. My girls loved it.

One night Mitzi, Darcy (our niece from Vegas who was visiting), and I went to an exercise class. It was a step class and Pilate's. I realized that I hate step. Just as I start to follow the instructor, she switches to something different. The Pilate's was much more my thing, even though formal exercise really isn't my thing at all. I was so sore the next day. I really should exercise more.

We ended our stay with the McBrides visiting the Cary Fire Station. Conner, Leland's cousin is really into fire trucks, so they have come before. I think most fire stations will let you visit. It was fun. The kids all took turns sitting in the driver's seat. I guess we have taught our kids the importance of seat belts, because that was the first thing they all wanted to do was put on the seat belt.

Thanks for the fun time McBrides.

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