Saturday, January 26, 2008

We miss Nana

This week my mom (Nana) came to visit for a few days. It was so nice to have her here. She brought a tea party set so we had a fun little tea party for the girls with milk and apple cobbler with whip cream. Leland thought it was so fun.

Nana is great with her grand kids. She loves teaching and reading to them. Leland loved all the attention and Chuck and I enjoyed having someone else help with the girls. They would wake up early and I would take them out to see Nana and then go back to bed. By the 3rd morning Leland went straight to Nana and did not even come into our room.

While my mom was here we took a stroll through Lexington with a stop at Blue Sky Bakery (we had the best turtle brownie), she tagged along to Tuesday Night Ladies Club with the Law wives, she met Leland's Joy school friends, we took a walk in Buena Vista visiting Just a Nibble and Value Mart (consignment shop), and went to Charlottesville to have lunch with Aunt (her sister) Barbara.

The best find at the Consignment shop was a Princess desk and toy storage bench. They were too adorable to pass up and we offered $20 less than asking price. Now Leland has a little desk to "work" at while I am working on the computer. She thinks its so fun. Thanks Nana.

We had a great time and miss her so much. We hope to see you again very soon.


  1. I had a wonderful time! I'm keeping a suitcase packed of fun things to do on my visits. I felt like Mary Poppins. Leland was like a sponge...anything I suggested, she just soaked up. Lucy Looba is so ready to crawl and her smile just melts your heart. Hope your talks went well and I'm looking forward to reading Chuck's article.

  2. Now I am sad I wasn't able to make it to Tuesday night's law wives meeting. I wish I could have met your mom. Its always the best to have your mom come to visit, it always makes me feel like I am really at home. I am glad you had a great time!

  3. I am so jealous you got to spend time with mom - she IS an AWESOME Nana! Glad you all had such a fun visit. Love you!