Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fun Times

It is so much fun to watch our girls play together. Leland loves Lucy so much and wants her to run around with her so bad. Their new favorite thing is to take a bath together. We have always just had them shower with one of us, but now that Leland knows how much fun a bath can be she wants one all the time.

A recent conversation with Leland:
LJ : (while pulling on Lucy's arm) Get up Lucy!
Mom: She can't get up Leland. Please let go of her arm.
LJ: No, I want her to get up.
Mom: Well sweetie, she's not big enough to stand up.
LJ: But I want her to be big like me so I can play with her.

My Aunt Barbara got us a little wagon that is supposed to be for Legos, but Leland found a much more fun thing to do. She calls them "Donkey Rides"

On Monday we went to Harrisonburg for a few hours to visit with my sister Christine and her family. Todd's parents live there. He took the kids out on a ride on the Gator. They had so much fun. Leland loves visiting her cousins.


  1. We loved seeing you guys and miss you already! I am SO sorry you are sick now...the good news is that it didn't seem to last too long for us. Love you!

  2. I loved Leland's face when she gets excited. Her eyes just light up. She is precious and Lucy is so lucky to have such a great big sister.