Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Green Eggs and Ham

Leland really likes the book "Green Eggs and Ham". We like to quote it during dinner time a lot when she says she doesn't like something and refuses to eat.

"Try them! Try them! And you may. Try them and you may I say."

Last night we were having breakfast for dinner so I asked Leland if she wanted to really eat green eggs and ham. She thought that was so neat. She helped Chuck put green food coloring in the eggs for her omelet.

While eating she would say "I like green eggs and ham!!" with a big smile on her face.


  1. I remember in my kindergarten class we did that after reading green eggs and ham! It is so much fun! How cute is she so excited to have her green eggs and ham! Love you!

  2. I love it! That is so cute. I love Dr. Seuss. You guys have such a beautiful family and I love checking your blog to see how you are doing. I hope you are all feeling better after the bug!

  3. Oh my gosh, I have the BEST green eggs and ham recipe! You turn the eggs green with, I can't remember if it's spinach or basil. Anyway, I'll find it and email it to you the next time I think about it. I'm sure Leland would love it!

    Dr. Seuss boks are the best. We're partial to Fox on Socks around here. I think Matthew just likes to here me flubber my way through it!