Monday, July 23, 2012

Trekking out (Post-Fundoplication - Day 5)

I am recuperating from my Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication quite well.

I am sleeping much less, only a couple of hours more than my regular schedule. I spend most of the day in bed watching TV or on the computer (mostly Twitter, Facebook, & Richmond Times-Dispatch).

I am feeling much more energetic; enough so that I can go out for an hour or two before coming home to rest. My first venture out from my recuperation bed was going to church (only Sacrament Meeting) on Sunday, which exhausted me.

Today, we went to Lowes (my 2nd home), and then Walmart. By the time we got to Walmart, I was feeling a bit more tired, so I drove around in one of those electric carts.
Ashley posted this to Facebook:
He's not allowed to drive a car,
but that didn't stop him from
driving a cart around the store.
(Note: Although the date and tone of this blog post make it appear that it was written on July 23, it was actually written on July 26 because I need to improve my blogging timeliness.)

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