Friday, July 20, 2012

Home again! (Post-Fundoplication - Day 2)

I came home around today around noon. Than slept most of the day.

As part of my surgery, they pumped my belly full of carbon dioxide. While they try to release most of it, some of that gas stays in your body until it can be 'released naturally.' But, until then, the gas raises inside your body, creating painful areas in your shoulders and neck.

I am on tylenol with codeine, which makes me sleep even more, but helps my neck and shoulders feel much better. The best thing about it is that, because I'm on a full liquid diet (don't get me started on the "full" designation), my medicine is a tasty, liquid that makes me feel like a kid.

(Note: Although the date and tone of this blog post make it appear that it was written on July 20, it was actually written on July 26 because I need to improve my blogging timeliness.)

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