Friday, July 20, 2012

Food! (Post-Fundoplication - Day 2)

I'm feeling much better today because I finally got some food! I was not allowed to eat anything yesterday other than water. By the late evening, I was starving.

My nurses have been very kind. They like me because I am quickly feeling better and don't call them very often. Yesterday, I felt well enough to unplug my IV pole from the wall, and take myself (and IV pole) to the bathroom.

This morning, I got up, went out to the hall and said, "So its morning now, can I have something to eat please?" I had thought that I would be on a liquid diet, which meant true liquids. Come to find out, I am on a "full liquid" diet, which isn't fully liquid in any way. It means I can have applesauce... and ice cream!

I started with applesauce. Then went on to ice cream. When they brought breakfast around, I told the lady that I probably didn't get breakfast. She said, "Nope, you can have this "full liquid" breakfast or Cream of Wheat, yogurt, and juice."

(Seriously, do these people not own a dictionary? The definition of 'full' reveals its synonyms as 'complete' or 'entire.' Now exactly how can applesauce or ice cream be described as entirely liquid? But, when you have not eaten in 32 hours, you don't question people who let you have ice cream for breakfast.)

The second bonus of today is that I got to watch all of the coverage of The Open Championship (aka the British Open). I scheduled this surgery perfectly!

Happiness is breaking a 32 hr fast
w/ surprise discovery that a
"liquid" diet includes applesauce
(& The Open Championship on TV).

Ice cream, u scream, we all scream
for breakfast in the hospital!

(Note: Although the date and tone of this blog post make it appear that it was written on July 20, it was actually written on July 26 because I need to improve my blogging timeliness.)

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