Thursday, September 23, 2010

The winning burn out - Night 1 (Chuck's additions)

As you can see from the previous post about the Friday night race, Ashley posted it before I could get to it to add my comments.

But come on! She forgot to post the video of the burn out, baby!

The winner was Kevin Harvick, driving the #33 (my lucky number!) Chevrolet.

Ashley also forgot to mention that not only did the girls make it through the entire race, but they were angels! They were so cute together! They played with their "prizes" together for a while. Then, they decided they would be independent and sat two rows away from me by themselves, cheering and watching their little TV. The two women and their husbands behind us thought they were so cute.

(The top left picture shows how much junk I was carrying after I had already dumped 3 other bags and the sleeping mat in the car!)

Around lap 200, Lucy got really tired and I asked her if she wanted to go home. "No Dad, we stay here," she said. "I lay down on the bench for a minute." She lied down on the grandstands, used her seat cushion as a pillow and watched the rest of the race with her head next to me.

At lap 230, Leland climbed into my lap and put her thumb in her mouth. I thought perhaps we could beat the traffic and leave with 20 laps to go. Nope, they wouldn't let me.

When we were finally walking out at 10:30 p.m. after 8 hours of NASCAR fun, I heard the very first, "I'm tired." But instead of being a whiny complaint, Leland said it like, "Whew, I am so tired... that was a fun day dad!"

I was so pleased with them. They never complained about sore feet or tired legs. They were perfect.

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