Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bear Creek Lake State Park

On Labor day, we met some friends from Charlottesville at Bear Creek Lake State Park for a fun filled day. The park was less than an hour drive from our home.

The Crofts are friends of Chuck's from undergrad and from some reason we haven't seen them for over a year. We had so much fun with Tyler, Cecia, and their 3 boys.

We went on a short hike.

We played in the sand.

We played in the lake.

We went kayaking.

We pretty much wore our girls out.


  1. I'm dying that they all sleep the exact same way! HAha.

  2. That last photo is hilarious! With all 3 of them sleeping open mouthed. So funny! Also funny to contrast this with the video from Tyler and Cecia after their day with you guys...

  3. Ha! I love that last pic! Hm..looks like we're gonna have to go to that lake..soon!!