Wednesday, September 1, 2010


We took advantage of Kids Bowl Free and went twice recently. Leland really got into it and drastically improved (as much as you can using a ramp). Lucy had fun her first game, then quickly lost interest. She had more fun hanging out by the video games playing with the guns from the hunting game. Charly hates missing the action. She tried as hard as she could to pick up a ball. I let her "push" a few balls down the ramp and she would just squeal with delight.Notice how the scores improve. Lucy bowled the very first game, then the rest are Leland's scores. Her only game and she got a 97!
Can you believe the very last frame of Game 4? Leland got a spare, then with her bonus turn, a STRIKE! Leland was ecstatic!

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  1. I love those bowling shoes Leland has on. Brings back memories.