Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lucy Luba

Our Lucy started preschool this week. She absolutely LOVES it! She runs right in to her classroom and hangs her bag on her hook with out even looking back. I have to make sure I get a goodbye kiss before we are in the building or it won't even happen.

She's a whole head taller than most of the kids in her class, even though she's one of the youngest. Have you ever done those height predictors for your kids? You enter their age and height and each parent's height, then the child's adult height is predicted. I tried it out with Lucy the other day. Her predicted adult height - 6 ft. 1 in. Crazy! I need to start teaching her basketball and volleyball.

She knows all her letters and the sounds they make. She wants so bad to be able to read like her sister does. Her teachers were impressed that she knew how to spell her name and could recognize it written down. She also has mad scissors skills. She learns pretty quickly and always feels the need to keep up with her sister.

I love her excitement for life. She gets so excited about things and then her deep voice will turn to a high squeal. She's a little like her dad in that she has limited volume control to her voice and loves so talk loud. She has started going to speech again once a week, but improved a lot over the summer. She loves the fact that she goes to two schools.

She loves to play with my cell phone and type messages to people. She usually just types her name and the number 3 for her age. She also takes tons of pictures on the my camera phone. It's always interesting to look through the pictures to see what she thinks is worthwhile of a picture.

We rearranged the girls sleeping arrangements, so Lucy now has her own room. It has worked out really well. However, she is a bit of a collector. Her dresser next to her bed is usually piled high with stuff that she "needs in order to fall asleep". It's usually books, blankets, dolls, and cars piled up. She also collects rocks and sticks anytime we are outside and she always says "these are for my collection." We have had to establish a rule of only one rock per event (talk about a cheap souvenir).We love our little Lucy Luba.


  1. The photo of her Ariel "Collection" is priceless! Good Job taking a photo of that!

  2. Just looking at pictures of Lucy makes me smile. She is so sure of herself. I miss her. Has she wanted to reread any of the books I left? Let me know because I can send more in the mail.

  3. Smart girl! She's so adorable, Ashley!

  4. I LOVE Lucy's hair! I am mesmerized by it since the girls and I have such stick straight hair.

    6ft 1in is crazy. I am going to have to look what it says about my girls.

    Her dresser of stuff makes me laugh!