Friday, February 5, 2010

Sledding and Hot Cocoa

I haven't even written about our last weekend of snowstorm fun, and here it is snowing again. Seriously, it's like we live in Idaho or Minnesota, or something. All this snow is ridiculous. Local kids only had school for part of the day on Thursday this entire week. Leland cried when I told her school was canceled again today. The poor girl missed a week from being sick, now this. She loves going to school.

Now on to the fun we had in the snow. Chuck got the idea from some of our neighbors to lay down tarps before it snows, so then you can just "slide" the snow off the driveway. I think it worked well, but still lots of work.
The girls love sledding. They stayed out for hours. The day after our snow storm, it was a sunny warm day. Leland and Lucy both had so much fun.
I was so proud of Leland carrying her own sled back up the hill. Chuck kept offering to carry her sled or pull her up and she refused. She was so cute to pull her sister around on the sled too.
The girls decided to take a break from sledding, but they weren't quite ready to come in, so they took a break sitting in Chuck's car. Since we are not used to this much snow in VA, they didn't even plow our roads, a front loader came through to move some of the snow off the roads. Chuck asked him to dump a load by our driveway. He built a nice ramp to start the kids off down the hill. The front loader didn't do that great of a job clearing the road, but the girls were happy that they could still sled down the road.
The girls love coming in from the snow and having hot chocolate. Their stir in of choice is a piece of candy cane. I'm glad I had a bunch leftover from Christmas.
Now we will get ready for more snowy fun this weekend. Everything shuts down and gets canceled. I would be surprised if we had church on Sunday. Chuck finally found some snow shovels for sale and bought a few since we knew of some friends without a shovel. A few stores I went to this week had signs on their doors that said "NO Shovels, NO Sleds, NO Salt". VA seriously isn't equipped for this kind of weather.


  1. leland's hair is so cute! when did you cut it?

  2. Those are really cute pictures. You are a funner mom than I. My own preferences of staying in where it's warm usually limit how much snow play time the kids get, much to the kids' dismay. You've inspired me to get over it and get them out there playing more while the snow is here.

  3. Yes, Leland's new haircut is very cute. And so is Lucy's curly hair after being out in the snow! And I love seeing you in the almost snowball fight picture!

  4. We have been hearing about all the snow in Virginia over the news. I can't believe it. Seeing your girls sledding makes me want to do that too. We haven't had too much here in Utah. Stay warm!