Saturday, February 6, 2010

As I See It

This is what I see from our office window. Snow falling on an already snow covered ground. I'm pretty sure it will snow all day and we won't even be getting the worst of this storm. An hour west of us (Charlottesville) and two hours north of us (DC) are both predicted to get 36 inches of snow this weekend. I just pray that we don't lose power.
Leland found these glow in the dark glasses trinket and has been playing with them for days. The other night she says, "Look mom, I'm aunt Suzie!" It made me laugh, I needed to share.


  1. That little girl and her faces. I love it! And yowzers! That's a LOT of snow!

  2. I am so jealous of your snow!!! Looks like a fun little neighborhood.

  3. What the what (as the Benners say)??? I can't decide if I am supposed to be offended or not. My glasses are not that BIG, nor do they glow in the dark! But she does look cute, so I can't be that offended.

    Emily got off her "phone" the other day and said, Mom, I called Leland and she is coming over to play." miss you!

  4. Hey Ashley, It's Lauren Sturdevant. I saw your profile on facebook and saw you had a blog. :) I have one too so if you want to look at it you should e-mail me. Brandon and Talecia have one as well :) Just thought I'd say hi and tell ya how cute your little family is. Hope all is going well. :)