Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine! Valentine!

Chuck was so cute and put a Valentine message for Leland, Lucy, and I in the Love Notes classified section of our Sunday paper. The girls thought it was so cool to see their names in the newspaper.
6 years and counting. Thanks for all the love and fun we have had together. You are a wonderful husband and father. You are level-headed and help me keep things in perspective. My life is so blessed and I'm lucky to have you.
Why Lucy loves her Daddy: he gives me hugs, plays dress-ups with me, go sleep in his bed.
Why Leland loves her Daddy: he cuddles with me, teaches me piano, he loves me.
It was fun to have the Dittbrenners visit for the weekend, so they were at our house for Valentine's Day. I'm not sure if there is a story behind why the Gates family does this (any sister wanna help me out?), but on Valentines someone leaves a gift on the doorstep, rings the bell, then runs and hides. Everyone inside the house runs to the door yelling, "Valentine! Valentine! Valentine!" to see who was left a gift. This happened several times all day long, it was fun.


  1. The Valentine! Valentine! tradition cracks me up, because I was telling my girls all about how my family would do that growing up and we left valentines for our friends and they brought them to us in the same way. Aparently our neighborhood here doensn't do that. Kevan had no idea what I was talking about when I asked him if he did the doorbell ditching thing on Vday as a kid. Glad you and the Dittbrenners kept the tradition alive.

    And super cute valentines in the paper!

  2. We did that too with cake on Sunday at mom and dads house! So funny! Ryan was like, "What?" Good times. So fun that you had so many that day! How cute is chuck with his paper notes!?

  3. As a Gates sister, I too would like to know where it comes from. Good to see it is still alive and well. The paper was such a sweet idea!

  4. All the years going up in the Bodell home we did it and so did our whole neighborhood. Parents to kids, sibling to sibling. We would run out the back door, deliver to the front and ring the bell, hide in the bushes then quietly walk back in the back door. But our friends did it too so it wasn't just a Bodell thing. But I know it continued through various boyfriends (to and from) on Valentines too. I just thought that was what Valentines was. And we have carried on here for my kids to give to friends too. Mmmm, now I am curious.

  5. So funny! I too thought that is what the whole world did. But Mike informed me that it definitely is not what the WHOLE world does.

    You are awesome! What a great idea. I bet your kids loved it!! Did you explain that everyone that gets a newspaper can see their names? Very cute idea.

  6. Well, I must admit...That is one of the better "gifts" I have seen. So cute. :)