Sunday, January 31, 2010

Some fun, but not ALL fun

We had some fun in January, but the whole month was definitely not fun. We've been sick a lot, which is never fun.

We have had some fun playgroups with the cold weather. One day we went to the Children's Museum. My favorite room is the Shadow room and it has a butterfly wall. It's dark and quiet, which is a nice escape from the loud crazy museum.

Before taking the picture on the top left - Leland says to me, "I'm going to do a sad face this time." She's so dramatic sometimes.
Leland likes to put every clip we have in her hair. We do some silly things around the house when it's cold outside.

Lucy has weird sleeping patterns. She went through a kick of wanting to sleep on the floor. She now does not want to use a pillow. Notice the nice warm fleece blanket that I made her for Christmas is not on her, it's on the bed. She still refuses to use it. But, we are now officially binkie free. She hasn't asked for it for days now. We are now onto Leland sucking her thumb, she wears band aids on her thumbs during the day and, at night, I put socks over her hands. It's been working alright. She actually keeps the socks on all night.
I had the privilege of knocking out my sister Suzanne's top scores on all her Wii games. Fun times. Look at those boxing moves and my winning score in bowling. Tennis and the hula hoop game were me favorites. I've actually played some real sports this month too. We have a women's basketball league at church. It's been fun playing again and hanging out with the girls. I have not played competitively in probably 12 or 13 years. In one game, I got 3 fouls in the first quarter, but surprisingly did not foul out. I also scored 16 points that game. I also am assistant coach for the teenage girls basketball team. Neither team has won a game yet, but we still have fun.
Lucy likes to line up her toys. She even lines them up to watch a show with her. She cracks me up.
And the not so fun part of the month - being sick. It's always so sad when the baby is sick. Poor Charly was a coughing, feverish, snotty mess. Lucy and Leland were sick too, but Chuck and Charly definitely had it the worst. I was the last to get sick and luckily I didn't get the cough. Leland also got pinworms. Seriously gross. Only read about it if you are prepared to be disgusted. I'm sure she got it from school and sucking your thumb is one of the big ways of getting it. I felt really bad after discovering it, because she had been complaining about an itchy bum for days and I just kept telling her she needed to wipe better. She would wake up crying at night and I thought she was just being dramatic. So sad. After one magic pill, washing, sanitizing, and vacuuming our entire house hopefully we are rid of it.

We are finally on the up and up. Hopefully February will be all fun.


  1. Wow. That pinworms thing sounds terrible!! Although, it's nice to read about these things from other people so that I can be aware of them in the future. Hope you're all feeling better!

  2. Glad to have you guys back. :) Enjoying the snow?

  3. Ash, It is great to see you get back into basketball. I have great memories of watching you play school and church ball. That basketball picture on the blog looks like you are 16 again. Go Team!!