Saturday, January 2, 2010

6 months old

I can't believe our baby is 6 months old. She brings so much joy to our family. She loves attention and gets quite frustrated to be in a room all by herself. She is fascinated by her sisters, especially Leland. It is so much fun to watch the older girls make Charly laugh big belly laughs. Charly is starting to look more and more like Leland did as a baby. She is starting to get stronger and finally is starting to enjoy tummy time. She hates to not be acknowledged when she hasn't seen you in a while. When she hears Chuck home from work, she will squawk until he comes to say hello and give her loves.
I have finally determined that she has some sort of milk allergy or intolerance. Ever since I have started a dairy free diet, she spits up less and is less fussy. The other night while I was out, Chuck gave her a bottle of breast milk from before I went dairy free and she spit up a ton and was fussy. So that confirmed my theory. She did have a few rashes on her face and backs of her legs that have cleared up since I went dairy free. It's hard to do. Really hard. Now that it's been a few weeks, I cheat every once in a while, like some bites of a frosty or something and boy do I, and poor Charly, pay for it. I need to be more diligent for her sake. I really do not want to have to buy hypo-allergenic formula, so I will try to breast feed as long as I can.

Charly also has a pooping problem. For the last 2 months, she poops every 7-10 days. Apparently it's common for breast fed babies, except for her fussiness and VERY VERY stinky gas as well. Her gas was so bad that Chuck bought more air fresheners for our house. I'm always a little embarrassed in public places or at church where others probably think it's me because no one would believe such a potent smell would come from such a little baby.

I started giving her prunes to avoid another suppository and it finally did it's magic. On her poop day after her 9 day stretch, I was so glad I was at home. It was a huge mess all over the inside of her onsie. Then the question is, do you take the onsie over the head and risk poop smearing on the back of the head or do you stretch the neck hole to go over the bum? Oh the joys of motherhood. I felt like we both needed a bath after I finally got her clean.

6 month stats
Height 26 inches
Weight 15 lbs (only 1/2 lb gain since 4 months. hopefully this dairy free thing will help her gain weight again.)
Head 16 1/2 inches


  1. Ahh, the great poop debate! I find myself facing the over or under problem almost daily... yeah- Houston doesn't struggle with the 7-10 day problem. The dr gave us a powder to add to bottle and he now graces us with stank 3 sometimes 5 times a day :)

  2. Dallin has had rashes on the back of his legs, ankles, and elbows for almost 4 years...and we finally discovered a few months ago that his is a milk allergy. It has cleared up so well since then, but comes back with a fury with even the smallest amount of milk! Good luck with it!!

  3. I have to say...I love Charly's smiles. She is such a smiley baby!