Tuesday, October 6, 2009


On Sunday morning, we went for a walk in our neighborhood trails. It was a beautiful day and the girls loved being outside. There were quite a few trails through the woods. We had fun exploring. The little adventure made me want to go camping; it's been a while. We also found some short cuts to the park and tennis courts.

The girls enjoyed playing in the creek, throwing rocks, and getting dirty. At one point, I looked at Lucy and she was ankle deep in the creek and didn't seem to notice.

Chuck got a Blackberry from his job. I'm always teasing him that he uses it too much and has an addiction. He always claims he has a legitimate reason to be on it.

Just a little proof that Chuck is addicted to his blackberry. Here he was using it to find our GPS location at first for fun, but then we did need it in order to figure out which trails to take home.

Just so you can tease Chuck - last night he woke up screaming in the middle of the night about his phone and how he couldn't find the widgets he wanted. Crazy boy. He may need an intervention.


  1. He is definitely addicted to his phone - NO DOUBT ABOUT IT! That is hilarious about him not be able to find the widgets in his sleep. Kind of like Emily screaming in her sleep for Chick Fil A!

  2. Do you think we could schedule a dual intervention? Alan has the same problem now with his from work. Hilarious, these boys with their new gadgets.