Friday, October 23, 2009

Bunch o' Thoughts

Here's a few random pictures and things that have happened around our house lately.

My mom, sister Christine, and I went to Time out for Women. We had a great time being with each other and friends. I would recommend going if you ever have the chance. Check out next year's schedule here. Thanks go out to our wonderful husbands who took care of the kids so we could go. It was a great opportunity to get the chance to be reminded of the wonderful role that I have to be a wife and mother. I am truly grateful for my Heavenly Father who has blessed me with such a great family.

For a girl who's not super girly, she still has her dreams set on princess.

This was one of my recent projects. I have really wanted to hang some family pictures lately. Luckily, before we moved, we had a very talented friend take some pictures of our family on the W&L campus that we loved living by for the last 2 years. I love looking at the pictures of my beautiful family at a place that I love and the the reminder that families are forever. See all the pictures here. (Just so you know, right when we were about to start our photo session, Leland tackled Lucy on the sidewalk, thus the crying children. Might as well document how life really is, right, not just the smiley times.)

Another project - We hung curtains on a shower rod to close off the crib from the rest of the room. The baby's room has no door on it and it is also the computer room, craft/sewing room, and storage as you can tell from all the boxes (that I'm sure will be in that same spot, unpacked for a long time). I wanted to close off her bed so I could work in the room while she was sleeping. It's worked out pretty well so far.

We have a rule that if you don't stay in your room at night, you don't get to sleep in your bed and you have to sleep in the bathroom. Usually, we will let them go back into their own bed after a little while. But one night, Leland fell asleep right next to the potty seat cuddling up to the bottom of the toilet. It makes me re-think my cleaning habits. We might have to change our rule if we ever have little boys.

Lucy adores Charly and wants to be by her all the time. Today, Charly was napping on our bed, so that's were Lucy wanted to nap as well. I love watching my kids sleep, there's something so peaceful about it. Lucy almost always puts her arms up like this while sleeping. When we are in the car, that's how I can tell she is really tired - she puts her arms up behind her head.


  1. Look at you getting things done! So fun to keep up with you guys. I love the pictures and how you've arranged them! I had to laugh though, when I read it and before I had clicked on it I thought they were images I had taken. Geez... how presumptuous of me. Totally wish I had had Melissa take our pictures but she was still in KY!! Boo.

  2. Love the family pics! They're so great.

  3. Agreed. Those family pictures are fabulous!