Tuesday, October 6, 2009


After our nice morning walk, a few hours later was not so nice. Lucy and Leland were playing on the floor, when Lucy went to stand up and she wailed in pain and crumbled to the floor. She refused to stand while bearing weight on her left leg or walk. She crawled around and whimpered in pain for the next few hours.

We couldn't figure out what was going on, there were no visual cues of an injury. No bruising or swelling. In manipulating her leg around we narrowed down the pain to her knee. After she woke up for her nap, still in pain, we took her to the emergency room.

They did an x-ray and could not find any fractures, which was great news, but still no reason why she was in so much pain. The only thing the Dr. in ER could come up with was poor fitting shoes and told me to wait it out about 4 days, then call her pediatrician. By the time we left the hospital Lucy was merely limping and would stand on her leg.

Taking toys in Lucy's little backpack to the ER was a big hit. This Mr Potato Head set I got for our last hospital visit kept Lucy entertained for most of our almost 4-hour stay.

She continued to limp around for the next few days. It was very sad to watch and I did not believe that her shoes were causing this much pain, so I called her pediatrician. He was great. (I LOVE our office here and especially this particular doctor). He played a little game with her to get her to walk and run around the exam room. He know right away what it was.

Final diagnosis - Toxic synovitis. It's not a big deal and went away completely the next day. I can't figure out why it is "toxic"!?!?

I'm so grateful that she is fine and it wasn't anything major. I'm grateful for the good friends who so willingly watched Leland for us while we were at the ER. Lucy is going through a major growth spurt right now and clumsily falls over periodically. She is bigger than most 3 year olds that we have been around. She can already share clothes and shoes with Leland.

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  1. Yikes! Kind of scary but we're glad it's nothing more serious. Glad she's back to herself. :)