Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Charly is 3 months old and I decided to try out the Bumbo for her. She's getting a flat side on her head, so nicely pointed out by my sister this weekend, so she needs something more than the bouncy seat.

At first she did not like it at all. She screamed and arched her back.

She finally got the hang of it and now loves sitting in it.

Lucy wants to sit next to her whenever I put her in the bumbo. It's so cute.

I love how much my girls love each other. They all really enjoy playing with each other. Poor Charly gets "dressed up" probably more than she likes and can do nothing about it.

She's become a smiley baby and will laugh at you too. It's so fun to have a little baby in the house. She's been sleeping through the night, which is great, but it's the older 2 that wake us up in the middle of night.

Lucy at 3 months

Leland at 3 months

I don't think any of them look alike. Do you think so?


  1. I think she looks kinda like Leland now in 3rd and 4th pictures. She is so big! We love the bumbo too!

  2. My kids don't really look alike either...