Monday, May 4, 2009

It's a .....

When I was in NC just a little bit ago we also stopped and spent a night with the McBride's. We always like to pack in as many cousin visits as possible when in NC. My brother-in-law works for GE selling ultrasound machines and one great benefit of that is he has an ultrasound machine at home. Fun to have lying around in the house when you are pregnant.

So I got to just sit and look at our baby for a total of probably 2 or more hours on the ultrasound. It was so much fun to watch the baby move and squirm as I was also feeling the baby move and squirm. When you have an ultrasound at the doctor it seems to go so quick while they look and measure everything. This was just at my leisure while on a comfy couch. It was great, except for my belly being a sticky, gooey mess from all the gel we used over that much time.

The first time Mike, Mitzi, and I searched and searched for hands, feet, face, anything. But all we seemed to be able to identify was a heartbeat. Which is always a comforting thing to see during an ultrasound, but that's all we seemed to be able to find. We did also see the spine and ribs. Mike kept reminding us that he was a salesman, not a doctor. He could tell us what all the buttons do on the machine, but had no clue what to look for on the screen.

The next morning with just Mitzi and I looking, we also only really could identify the heart beating. We did see four limbs, but couldn't really distinguish which were the arms and which we were the legs. You would have thought with SIX pregnancies between the 2 of us we could have found something to identify.

Then Conner, my 3 1/2 year old nephew joined us during the ultrasound. Right off he yells, "I see a pig nose!!" laughing hysterically. It was so funny. Then a few minutes later, "I see it's tail. A pigs tail!!" followed by more laughing.

We don't know if it's a boy or a girl, but according to Conner, It's a.... PIG!

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  1. That was CRUEL!!! I visited your blog for the sole purpose of finding out if you knew what you were having...(it's been a while since I've checked out your blog.) Congrats on your pig, I just wish I knew what sex it was. :) (I'm assuming you aren't finding out considering you are 34 weeks???) I'll just have to stalk your blog until he/she arrives! Hope you feel, uh, comfortable, as if that is possible at this point.