Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Disney World - DisneyQuest

After returning from Animal Kingdom to our hotel, we put the girls to bed early, left Grammy and Papa to watch them, and headed to the DisneyQuest Indoor Interactive theme park. Basically, it is a five-floor arcade on steroids with everything inside being free.

We did all sorts of virtual reality games - some lots of fun (the pirate game) and some not at all fun (Aladdin's magic carpet game). Chuck's favorite was the NASCAR racing game. I beat everybody at this weird futuristic bumper-car/hockey game that nobody really understood. I also beat Hock at basketball (35-19). I think he was a little ashamed to get beat by the prego, but he also was wearing his son in a front pack, so I cut him a little slack. It was very loud inside and I was exhausted, but overall a fun night.

Please ignore all the goofy facial expressions. This is what happens when sleep deprived parents get to go out without their kids to an arcade.

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  1. Okay... the faces are the BEST!!!!
    Great posts. I am loving reading them!