Monday, May 11, 2009

Disney World - Epcot

We had the wonderful pleasure of going on a week long vacation to Disney World with some of Chuck's family. Chuck and 2 of his brothers-in-law graduated this year and we decided to celebrate big. We had 10 adults and 8 kids (all 5 years and under), fun times. We were quite a sight with all of our 6 strollers (and 1 wheelchair for the prego), especially on the days that we wore matching shirts.

The favorite thing for both of our girls all week was meeting all the characters. Lucy wasn't so sure she wanted to get close to them, so Chuck had her sit down next to the first few until she got comfortable with it. For the rest of the week, she would just walk up and sit next to them instead of standing close to them for pictures. We noticed in most of the pictures she is just sitting by them on the ground.

Mickey was the first character we met and Leland saai afterward, "He's just a really big puppet, not real." Check out her skepticism in her facial expression.

At Disney (all parks in FL and CA) there are photographers everywhere wanting to take your pictures. You carry a little card that tracks all the pictures taken of your family. We combined all of our pictures and you can order a CD of them all (no limit) for relatively cheap (if you get lots of pictures taken). Until I get the CD the blog will just have to contain our blurry, not as good pictures from our own camera.

Leland is now tall enough to ride a lot of the bigger roller coaster rides. I could not ride most of them since I was 34 weeks pregnant, but we both got to ride my favorite ride Soarin. It's a simulated ride complete with feeling the wind, rain, and even smells. You "fly" over different parts of California. It made me miss CA. I remember that Chuck and I rode it the day before we moved away from CA and it made me cry a little.

If you are wondering about Leland's blue arm, we wrote our cell number on the girls in case they got lost. The first day we did it when they were already sweaty so it bled. We had the system down - before going out and well before sunscreen - by the end of our week. It made me feel less panicked.

One thing that is worth hauling around every day is, a change of clothes for the kids. That way we had no problem letting them get soaked head to toe and have a blast playing in the water fountain areas. It was a great way to entertain the little ones while all the "big kids" take turns riding all the big rides. Lucy kept trying to catch water in her mouth, to the extent of laying down on her belly over top a fountain with her mouth over the water spout waiting for it to shoot water. I never got a picture of her doing it, because I kept trying to stop her. I thought she was going to get her tongue stuck in one of the holes.

After going back to our hotel for naps we returned to Epcot for the fireworks and water show. The show was really neat and Leland was mesmerized, but Lucy was a little weary of the loud explosion sounds and soon found her way into my arms. I was exhausted from walking all day and found a nice place to rest in the stroller. The rest of the week Chuck rented a wheelchair for me to be pushed around in. I didn't really like the idea of it, but he was pretty adamant about not wanting this baby born in Florida 6 weeks early.

Day 1 done, now 8 more to go.

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  1. I like the wheelchair idea. Mothers worry about pregnant daughters too.