Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy 30th Birthday!


This is Suzanne, Ashley's sister and I just wanted to wish her a Happy Birthday. I thought that the best way to show her how much I love her would be to post embarrassing photos for all her friends (and the whole web) to see. What a great idea!
Fortunately for her, I only have a few to share. Get ready!

Wow! This one is the best.
Can you guess which one is Ashley? (hint: She is the baby of the family)

Ashley went through a little tomboy phase. (It lasted about 18 years).

Despite this tomboy stage, she entered a beauty pageant. So very not like Ashley.
She didn't win, but she did come down with the chicken pox the day of the pageant.

Sweet Sixteen!

Ashley at her finest!

Now, that wasn't so bad now was it, Ashley?

I love you, Ash and hope you have a great birthday!


  1. ahh, Ash! I hope you had an excellent day. All these photos are awesome, Way to go Suzanne.

    Happy Birthday Ash, I love your guts!

  2. Now I can see why she wants a boy so bad...she's really a huge tomboy at heart!

    Happy Birthday Ashley!

  3. Dude, that was awesome. Crazy baby photo there Ashley!

  4. Happy Birthday! Those pics are great! I can't wait to hear what you end up having...hoping boy!

  5. Happy Birthday! I loved the pageant story with the chicken pox twist. Hilarious!

  6. Suzie - do you have EVERYONE in our family's passwords?? I am so changing mine!

    Great pics and great idea! Ash, I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

    Love you to pieces!

  7. That was so funny! Hope your day has been great!

  8. That was fantastic! Especially the big poofy dress! Love it! Happy Birthday Ash!

  9. The big poofy dress with pink roses, so NOT me! I still wonder why I ever did that pageant. At least there are no close up pics of me where you could see the chicken pox broken out all over my back.

    I guess it's an okay thing that my babies haven't looked like me as a baby.

    Thanks Suz for the great birthday tribute.

  10. Ash, Hope your day was fun! Suzanne brought back some great memories. I can still see and hear you kicking that soccer ball up and down that skinny hallway on Foxfire......You were a great kid who has grown up to be a wonderful sister, wife, mother and friend. Happy Birthday! Love, MOM

  11. So funny! Ash in a pagaent?!? Crazy! Happy birthday Ashley!

  12. wow, is all i can say to the baby shot.
    And i don't think anyone knew she had been in a pageant. Thanks chuck for outing her!
    Miss you Ash and hope to see some belly shots soon!

    -liz argyle