Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our little performer

The girls and I spent the weekend in NC with my mom, sisters, and their families. My mom was in charge of a pre-show at an opening night of a new outdoor amphitheater in her area. The pre-show included 2 songs by "Nana's Family & Friends" singing group along with some other singing and dancing groups.

We had been listening to the songs the previous whole week so Leland could learn the words. When we got to NC, she learned the motions and had it down after a few practices. She was so excited to "go on stage in front of the audience."

All of the kids did so great during practice and dress rehearsal. Even the 2 year old cousins did well standing and singing during the practice, so we decided it would be okay for the actual show.

That may not have been the wisest decision. During the show, 2 year old Noah decided to do his own little routine. It was pretty funny, except when he decided to stomp on the floor microphones. We were all a little nervous that he may have damaged what the stage director said "to protect with our lives". Luckily he did not. 2 year old Emily surprised us all by going on stage and performing (see more pictures here). It was so cute to watch them all up there together.
I was so proud of Leland. She did such an awesome job. She was so excited to sing a song about "her" Blue mountains. The song was pretty fitting for her to learn - our home is in the Blue Ridge Mountains right now and we, hopefully, will be going back to NC soon, and there are many friends here that we may never see again. It makes me a little teary (should I mention again that I'm a very emotional pregnant woman).

Here is Leland's solo performance of the 2 songs she sang for her dad when we got home.
Kids Are Music we are ready for you on the East Coast!

We had such a fun weekend together. I always love watching the cousins all play together. It is so great that they go without seeing each for months, but still are best friends playing together when they do get together. Luckily there were no visits to the Emergency Room like last time, but not without teasing Aunt Christine a lot.


  1. seriously too bad you don't live in CA by KAM!

  2. hahaha I would probably throw a fit backstage to no one in particular, then I wouldn't be as angry at the kid or the parents.
    floor mics are basically amazing and expensive.

  3. SO CUTE! It was better than I had hoped! My favorite is her little giggles during the first interlude. SO CUTE! I can't wait to see her.