Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

The Law Families club hosted a Easter Egg Hunt and Picnic lunch last Saturday. We even had a visit from the Easter bunny! The kids there ranged from 10 months - 2 yrs old and none of them cried while sitting by the bunny. Not all of them sat with the bunny by themselves, but I thought for sure that one would cry or be upset.

There were some dark clouds looming that we almost took the party inside our house, but I'm so glad we didn't. We had such a fun afternoon outside. The kids hunted for their eggs and played on the playground. We have had such a fun year with Law Families and have been able to do some really fun activities. Our kids have all been such great friends, we sure are going to miss everyone when we all spread across the country over the next few months.

Lucy and the Easter Bunny.

Lucy loved collecting her eggs. She had so many eggs in her basket that as she walked some would fall out, she would pick them up, start to walk, then they would fall out again. It was pretty funny. I finally convinced her to just leave some on the ground for others.

I'm surprised that we were able to get such a good shot of all the kids that were there. Not all are looking, but no one is crying and they all sat still.

On the slide are Lucy's BFF's Anna, Jace, and Ty. It's nice that they all have such easy names because she can say all of them. She loves these kids so much. She has seen them at least twice a week every week almost for 9 months between playgroup and nursery at church. It has been so much fun to watch them grow and play together.

If you are wondering why Leland is not in any of the Egg hunt festivities, she got to go to a friend's birthday party all by herself. She was so excited that morning, she could barely stand it. The party was for a little girl in our neighborhood who is also in her preschool class.

Leland helped me make this butterfly t-shirt for her present. It had a big butterfly on the front and a small one on the back. It turned out pretty cute and Leland was so proud of it.


  1. I completely agree, I think I may be more sad for Jace to have to find new friends...maybe not, but they really have grown up together. I know they are going to miss each other.

  2. Hey Ashley!
    Your hair is so long! The boys and I were just talking about Boxerwood gardens and the days we hung out with Leland and "Baby Lucy" last night. I still have dreams of making my own Boxerwood up here...miss the lazy mornings at the park :)

  3. I love the bunny. He looks like he should be on "To Catch a Predator"