Monday, February 9, 2009

Winter Wonderland

I feel a little silly posting these pictures, now that our weather forecast for the week is mid-60s, but we did have some snow last week. Chuck took more than 75 pictures, but here are my favorite 2. Both were taken from just outside our house, showing the gorgeous view we are lucky to have. My girls never asked to play in the snow, so I didn't take them out. Lazy, I know. They enjoyed just looking from the window. Lucy can now say the word snow, it's really cute.


  1. Wasn't that blue sky amazing contrasted against the snow? I loved it! I'm surprised your girls didn't want to go out and play in it. But then again, Ella didn't want to either. :)

  2. Chuck you have a beautiful Family...I am so proud of you...come visit my blog sometime, until then take care and I pray for you all the time. Take Care, Bro. Colby Adams