Monday, February 16, 2009

5 Memories of our 5 years

Friday the 13th, Chuck and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary. (We were married on Friday the 13th, too). We went to Williamsburg for the weekend while Chuck's mom stayed with our girls (I'll post about that later).

Chuck and I each wrote down 5 memories of our last 5 years. They were fun to talk about and reminisce on our drive.

Ashley's list:
  1. Going to see "Mama Mia" on stage at the Hippodrome in Baltimore. Our first date after Leland was born.
  2. Governor's box seats to the Baltimore Orioles games. We went a few times, but the most fun was with our friend's the Cumberworths.
  3. Seeing Chuck's excitement for our girls to have a one-on-one meeting with Sleeping Beauty and Snow White at Disneyland.
  4. Our 10 day RV Road Trip from Maryland to California with the Cumberworths. (Wow guys, you made my list twice!)
  5. Our first night home with Leland. She kept fussing, so I kept feeding her. Then she threw up ALL over Chuck. I seriously have never seen so much throw up in my life, and it came out of such a small baby.

Chuck's list:
  1. Thanksgiving (2005) in the Outer Banks, NC with his parents, grandparents, aunt & uncle, and cousins. He enjoyed watching his mom having so much fun shopping with me to decorate their beach houses in CA.
  2. Our 2nd visit to the ER in San Diego. Lucy was 6 days old and I was lying in pain with cerebral headaches, trying to nurse/pump. It was horrible, but now it's kind of funny.
  3. All the Disneyland visits while living in CA.
  4. Our trip to the West the summer of 2004. Watching the sunset from the Grand Canyon Lodge and hiking Bryce Canyon.
  5. Camping and fishing with our family the summer of 2008.

Thanks for all the wonderful memories my love. I'm excited to add many more memories to our list. You are a wonderful husband, father, and best friend. I love you!

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  1. This is so sweet! I love that we have been a part of it. I remember the Orioles game, and some funny details about it. HA HA It was a couple of weeks before Adam and I got married.

    And the road trip was awesome! Happy Anniversary Gates!