Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dancing Cousins

Last weekend, we went to MD for a few days. Chuck had a conference in Bethesda, MD, so I dropped him off and headed to my sister's house. Chuck and I were also able to go out to dinner and to the temple which was very nice. Thanks Tine for watching our girls.

It is always so much fun to watch the cousins play. It is so great that they are the best of friends no matter how long it's been since they saw one another.

They had hilarious dance parties.

Lucy liked putting on her cousins' socks and slippers. She was cracking us up wearing Afton's socks, then she wanted to wear Nick's car slippers.

The morning that we were coming home, it was so nice outside we let the kids ride scooters and we pulled the little ones around in the wagons. They were having so much fun. My big kid of a husband decided to join in on all the fun.

He first decided to ride 2 Razors like skis down the hill in front of my sisters house. It is not too steep, but still thrilling for all the kids to watch him. Leah, (my 7 yr old niece) showed Chuck how she can jump while on the scooter. She lifted just a few inches off the ground. Chuck then says, "Now you need to learn how to jump over stuff riding your razor. I'll show you how!" He lays one of the razors on the ground in the middle of the hill then proceeds to the top of the hill to start his ride.

He comes down riding, jumps, but then is trying to look and make sure he has cleared it, and leans too far forward and eats it scraping across the payment. As I was cleaning his bleeding hand and arm, I asked, "What in the world were you thinking?"

He replies with 2 things:
"I was trying to teach the kids a lesson on why they should always wear wrist and elbow pads."
"If people didn't try things like that, we wouldn't have the X-Games."

So, I guess he thinks his 5 inch jump on a razor compares to a double back flip on a snow mobile 30 feet in the air. Which I'm sure his response would be - "You have to start somewhere."

I'm glad that my husband was not hurt badly, but I so wish I had the video going so we could all relive how hilarious it was to see a 260 lb man eat it while riding a Razor made for an 8 year old. I didn't even get a picture. I was too busy laughing, I mean, making sure he was okay. His arm and hand were pretty scraped up, but the worse thing was that he had his keys in his pocket and that was the leg that all his weight landed on top of the scooter. So his keys and scooter handle jamming into his thigh left a nasty bruise.


  1. So funny! I am dying laughing at chuck! Happy Anniversary you two!!! Love ya!

  2. That is hilarious! What a funny image of Chuck! I love your posts Ashley!