Sunday, February 10, 2008

A little about me

I write a lot about my kids and so I thought today I would write a little about what I've been up to lately in the spare 'alone' time that I get (and that my wonderful husband helps to make sure I get).

Every Tuesday night we have a Tuesday Night Ladies Club with the wives of law students. It is a very fun evening that I try to attend each week. There is a host for each week who decides what we do. 2 weeks ago we made jewelry. I made a Valentines bracelet for Leland and a pair of earrings for myself.

Last week we went to Creative Kiln in town. It's one of those paint your own pottery places and is always a fun night. I have to do something simple that I can finish in one night. I made this bowl and it turned out so much cuter than I thought. I got the idea from a book they had there and the help of Kim. I used masking tape to make the white stripes and it matches a small serving bowl I already have. To see an awesome project (that was not done in one evening) see my friend Kim's blog.

My last creation has been something I've been wanting to make for a while now. There was an Enrichment group a few months back that made these and I was not able to go, but I still got the supplies to make my own.

Most people call them "I Spy" bags. There are trinkets mixed in with the clear beads and the child has to shake and maneuver to find certain items. You also make a card that has a list of all that's in the bag to help the child find different things. I put mostly different colored foam shapes and letters, but also put coins in it. Leland loves it. She keeps calling it "The new game"

I started it one day this week when both the girls went down for a nap at the same time. (which is rare) I thought I could possibly have 2 hours before one of them woke up. It is a fairly simple project, just sewing squares. As I was almost finished BOTH girls woke up. All I had left to do was fill the bag with the clear beads and sew it closed. I thought it would be easy to finish really quick. Leland wanted to help me and spilt the bag of beads all over the floor! So my 5 minute quick finish turned into a 20 min finish followed by a much longer clean up and vacuuming. It was alright though because I think Leland has a greater appreciation for her new game because she 'helped' make it.

Last Friday I went to play volleyball with a bunch of women. I consider myself a once athletic person. I haven't done anything athletic in a very long time. I've never been a volleyball person either, but I thought it would be fun and it was! It was mostly 3 on 3. I never realized how tiring volleyball is and how much it HURTS! My wrists were red and swollen and my quad muscles are so sore. Next time I will wear long sleeves. When I came home I put ice on my arms. They are still bruised today. The worst is my knuckles on my right hand. Chuck keeps joking that it looks like I was in a bar fight.


  1. Oh, wow, your bowl really DID turn out great! I knew it was going to be cute!

  2. Chuck is right, you do look like you have been in a bar fight! Who knew volleyball could be so violent!

  3. I have wanted to make one of those I spy bags. You will have to teach me how to make it on one of our get together weekends! YEA!

  4. You amaze me how good you are with crafts. Now that you are gone, you won't catch me coming up with anything like that!
    Are you as sick of that stupid "attack" game that collins and chuck play together as I am?