Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Leland gets a Haircut

While my mom was visiting she kept mentioning wanting to get Leland's haircut. Leland has only had the privilege of getting her bangs trimmed by me. I try not to pay anyone to cut my own hair why would I pay someone to cut my 2 year olds hair? Since my mom got it in my head to get Leland's haircut I caved and took her to a place in the mall. On Saturday, Leland and I had a little mommy/daughter day of shopping. (Lucy and dad had a great time watching the Stanford B-ball game at home.)

Leland did pretty well I thought for her first "real" hair cut. She kept pretty still but didn't want to look at her feet so she could watch other people getting haircuts. She of course enjoyed the blow dryer. (Again I don't blow dry my own hair so why would I blow dryer my 2yr olds??)

All in all I'm glad I got her hair cut by a professional. It doesn't look any different to me but for some miraclous reason it doesn't fall into her eyes anymore and stays behind her ears. I really don't understand. I watched the lady and she only trimmed the bangs that were already there and trimmed the back. For whatever reason the long hair stays out of her eyes now. I don't have to tie her down to pull her hair back. When Leland was younger than 18 months she would bring me hair clips and a brush to fix her hair, now she runs at the sight of a comb or brush. Funny girl!


  1. I love the new haircut. She is a beauty! Hopefully we can see you soon.

  2. She is styling! I miss Leland, and all the cute things about her.

  3. How cute is she!! Love the haircut...